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About Adarsh Sanskar Vidyalaya (CBSE)

We are in the field of Schooling for more than 25 years. The school has Govt. Recognised (Unaided) classes from Std 1 to 12 English Medium and Std 1 TO 4 Marathi medium having CBSE Pattern learning in State Board affiliated school

Students receive individual attention, yet also benefit from group interactions, such as discussions, sharing ideas, and presentations all of which build confidence and teach mutual respect. Students follow a mastery system which encourages the completion of their current work to 100% comprehension before moving on to the next level of instruction. Teachers work closely with students to ensure a thorough understanding of and comfort with the task or subject at hand. Regular homework assignments, designed to reinforce daily lessons, begin in the lower grades and gradually become more challenging. They are structured to develop the student?s study habits, sense of responsibility, and time- management skills.

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    Middle/Secondary/Senior Secondary

    Boys/Girls/Co-education Co-Education
    Day School/Day Boarding/Residential Day School
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  • The Resources :

    Technology is an indispensable element of today&pos;s society. Therefore, it is critical to learn basic technology skills at an early age. Our students are taught keyboarding, as well as the fundamentals of computer use, and are encouraged to use classroom computers to complete assignments. We also utilize various software programs to complement in-class instruction and to reinforce academic skills. When combined with ongoing teacher assessments, regular test results allow us to monitor overall progress and adjust your child's curriculum accordingly. Our staff communicates regularly with families to keep them well informed of their children?s progress.

  • The Sports and Physical Fitness:

    Physical fitness is an important piece of the well rounded individual. Various activities to refine motor skills and promote health begin in kindergarten and continue throughout the program. The activities such as Skating, Karate and Cricket have been incorporated in regular schooling. The school has a special tie-up with Shivji Skating Club for Roller Skating Club for Roller Skating, Roller Hockey, Artistic Skating and Skating Boat etc. Moreover, the school regularly participates in Inter School Cricket Competitions and has very good track record. These activities develop students appreciation for teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. We also encourage students to participate in after-school enrichment classes, such as Dance, Singing, Tabla and Harmonium etc.

  • The Pre-Primary Block:

    The magical kingdom of fairies and goblins transport the little ones into a land of enchantment. Tiny feet with sparkling eyes full of joy step into the spacious airy classrooms with specially designed furniture and cheerful interior.

  • ALPS

    Adventure Based Learning Programme (ALPS) is carried out to promote visits for bird watching, collection of feathers, plants specimens, seeds etc. Outdoor activities such as night halts for star gazing and camping in outskirts of city are also conducted. Moreover, the visits to nearby Banks, Super Shoppees and Offices are also carried out. In order to help the students to learn Science Skills at an early age, the visits to Raman Science Center and variety of other destinations are also carried out. These trips provide fuel for imagination when students are preparing to participate in our science fairs.

  • Student Response System (SRS) :

    SRS is latest in Education. Mostly found in KBC for public opinion SRS is a high standard modern technique of One Click Evaluation. The students are exposed to education in an interactive and fun learning environment. The objective type questions are answered in a fixed time frame and the results are out at a thundering speed. SRS improves attentiveness and also increases knowledge retention.

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